“Their stage presence, showmanship, and magnetic personalities allow them to quickly grasp the attention of the audience and keep them engaged for the entirety of the performance. Off the stage, they are professional, polite, punctual.” -Tad, 80/35 Festival

“One-of-a-kind high energy entertainment for our first event…fans strongly demanded that they come back.” -Brittany F, Pride Festival

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Music was the fuel that lifted these twin brothers from the slums of Brazil to pursue the stages of the world, spreading a message of hope in the face of violence, poverty, adversity, and cancer.  What began with violins handmade by their father to encourage productive life 

choices in the midst of extreme poverty has blossomed into an international phenomenon that blends classical instruments with a rock band for one of the most engaging performance experiences on the earth.

Experience these original artists, entertainers, speakers, and lifestyle enthusiasts as they transform the space around them with their positivity, humor, and professional musicianship.

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