What services does Vine Chromatic, LLC offer?

Our agents assist individuals, venues, performing arts centers, and event planners to secure the best fit speaker or musicians, including solo artists, cover bands, speciality musicians, and touring national acts.  We can plan an entire festival/event lineup or work with our partners to put together packages that includes sound, lighting, and stage production.  We also work with over a dozen local venues to provide their weekly lineup.

What is the cost of services?

There is no additional cost associated with booking acts on our roster or local acts.  There is a 10% fee for booking national acts.  We can provide a recommendation for one artist or an entire lineup at no charge to you, and you are not required to book.  

What can I expect if I book through Vine Chromatic, LLC?

We will take care of any details, scheduling, contracts, and questions you may have.  Any artist we book is under contract to provide a quality performance with professionalism both on and off stage.  We will not book any artist who has not maintained our high standard of professionalism.  

I am interested in being on your roster.  What steps do I take?

We receive a lot of requests from acts to be on our roster, which we love!  If you are interested, please email a professional video, photo, and link to your website to melissa@vinechromatic.com for review.  At this time, we are requiring a professional video, photo, and website, as it makes it so much easier for agents to help you get booked.  If you have a good thing going, it's worth the investment!  We do not require exclusive booking rights at this time and simply take a 15% agent cut from anything that we book (20% for for the PAC market).  Feel free to ask any of our acts if they like working with us!