With 11 years' experience in business ownership (including two startups) and a master's degree in mental health counseling, Melissa is uniquely positioned to address the intersection of mental health and business, as well as women's issues, domestic violence, sexual assault/harassment, or career/personal development. Providing both education and narrative through vulnerability and humor, Melissa connects to all kinds of people in meaningful ways by fostering a space for them to look more closely at their own journeys without the fear and shame that often prevent such introspection. Most notably, Melissa has spoken for the Iowa Board of Regents Campus Safety Summit (twice), the Ahlers and Cooney Title IX Training Conference, the Iowa Small Business Summit, and the Girls World Expo, receiving almost 100% positive survey feedback on her content and delivery.

How Melissa Can Help


  • Corporate/conference motivational speaking

  • Interactive workshops for organizational or personal growth

  • Conflict mediation/executive coaching for struggling teams

  • Education related to sexual harassment / sexual assault for schools or workplaces


Title IX Seminar
Ahlers & Cooney, PC

We cannot thank you enough for participating in our seminar - the audience was the most lively during your presentation, and the Ahlers lawyers learned a lot, too!     -Becky R, organizer

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Mentors in Violence Prevention
William Penn University

[Melissa provided] an open platform to express ideas without being looked down on and [to be] enlightened on others' views.    


Iowa Small Business Summit
TL Baker, PC

Melissa projects a positive and confident image. She successfully blended her knowledge of both biz start-up and the psychological impacts/barriers inherent in that start-up process.  

-Bill M, participant