The Dueling Pianos of Andy Anderson & Mike Leeds

Dueling pianos are always a crowd pleaser, and these two are some of the best!

Dueling Pianos.png


Since 2008, the entertaining duo of Andy Anderson & Mike Leeds have been traveling the Midwest performing their high-energy, engaging dueling piano routine for audiences of all ages. Having performed together for nearly a decade in other musical projects prior to forming their popular dueling pianos act, they have a distinctive, almost brotherly on-stage chemistry that accommodates hilarious spontaneity, crowd-pleasing antics, and a musical camaraderie that delivers a one-of-a-kind, unique show. Covering song requests from the 1950s through the favorite songs of today, they specialize in top 40 hits that everyone knows and loves, which makes for an exciting, keep you on your feet, singing and dancing show.

Dueling Pianos.png