World Port

Unique instrumental duo with videos that have over 50,000 views each on Facebook.



The seeds of instrumental duo WORLD PORT's original style immigrated here from countless villages, coffeehouses, dance-halls and celebrations around the globe. Those influences came with folks who carry their music in their gestures and the way they speak, in how they cook their food and what they wear, like dust on the soles of their shoes and in their bones, to make a vast gumbo of endless possibilities and variation that inspire WORLD PORT's music.

You taste that gumbo with "Silk" or "No te Olvidare" and you feel the Flamenco pulse of centuries of hands on guitars and heels on wooden floors; or with "The Green" and "Traveler's Rest," you've been to the pub and shared an irreverent story with friends you met on the path to town; or with "Harmonica Blues," you travel a river that has flowed from Africa, through New Orleans, up through St. Louis and out through Chicago to the whole world, tasting of sweat and pain and barbecue and sweet hope.